The Second Confession by Rex Stout – Episode 17

In this episode Reyna and Jeff return to take a closer look at The Second Confession by Rex Stout, a novel in the Nero Wolfe mystery series.

A communist behind every corner! Archie gets drugged! Yet another person is poisoned! Wolfe takes on communism in America and gets . . . The Second Confession!

We talk about all that and Archie’s role as ladykiller in this episode of Like the Wolfe.

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2 thoughts on “The Second Confession by Rex Stout – Episode 17

  1. The Sperling sisters seem like PG rated versions of the Sternwood sisters from the Phillip Marlowe novel The Big Sleep. I wonder if this was an homage or just a coincidence.
    Also if this novel were written today, I think that Paul Emerson would be Tucker Carlson or Rush Limbaugh. Some things never change..

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