Before I Die by Rex Stout – Episode 19

In this episode Reyna and Jeff return to take a closer look at Before I Die by Rex Stout, a novella in the Nero Wolfe mystery series.

Archie gets shot at! Archie gets shot at again! And a shoot out in Wolfe’s office! Wolfe takes on the Mafia and solves the case . . . Before I Die!

We talk about all that and Jeff gives us a mystery recommendation in this episode of Like the Wolfe.

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2 thoughts on “Before I Die by Rex Stout – Episode 19

  1. I read “The Devotion of Suspect X” last year and as you say, it is excellent. You might be interested to know that a few weeks ago an Australian podcast called “Death of the Reader” spent three episodes discussing that novel. They had a lot of interesting background information. Happy Holidays!

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