Lone Wolfe – Ethan Iverson – Episode 26

We continue our feature called “Lone Wolfe” where Jeff interviews various Wolfe aficionados about their passion for the corpus.

This episode we talk with Ethan Iverson, a New York City based musician and writer, who is also a major Wolfe fan. He’s read some of the novels over twenty times and his essay looking at the novels and short stories is a must read. We talk about how mystery writers are like jazz musicians, the magic of great writing and music and why the Nero Wolfe mysteries are like “Comfort Food” to him. Plus a little on the history of mystery fiction and how the Nero Wolfe books are like … The X Files and James Bond?

We cover all of that and much more in this episode. Don’t miss this one!

Show notes:

Ethan’s Website – https://ethaniverson.com/

Ethan’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/ethan_iverson

Ethan’s newsletter, Transitional Technology – https://iverson.substack.com/

Ethan’s essay on the Nero Wolfe book series – https://ethaniverson.com/comfort-food-rex-stout-nero-wolfe-archie-goodwin/

James Bond meets Nero Wolfe – https://spywrite.com/2017/08/24/james-bond-meets-nero-wolfe/

Stout interviews le Carré – Rex Stout meets John le Carré

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