Wolfe Eats! Cucumber and Shrimp Sandwich

Welcome to this new addition to the Wolfecast – Wolfe Eats! As we move through the series, we will also recreate a meal from the book. With all the delicious dishes mentioned in the books, we are sure that our bellies and minds will be occupied 🙂 The book that will be referenced for these recipe choices is The Nero Wolfe Cookbook. I hope that you guys enjoy this addition and try the recipes out as well!

Cucumber and Shrimp Sandwich

The recipe that I will be recreating is from And Be A Villain; the meal was a Cucumber and Shrimp Sandwich. I decided to go with a simpler meal because the last few months have been hectic! Amidst graduation, a trip to DC, and ramping up to go back to work irl – things have been really going on. This was an easy one to complete and delightfully tasty – with just a few ingredients each had their chance to shine.

The Process

As noted above, this only required a few ingredients so I decided to go all out and make it special by using homemade tartar sauce and bread. I also decided to infuse my own white wine vinegar, because who actually has tarragon wine vinegar. Everything else was relatively easy to assemble, thin slices of cukes and halved shrimp were simply salted to give them some seasoning and draw the water out of the cukes. I also chopped up some greenery to add some freshness and another layer of yum.

End Results and Taste Test

Wowzers, this was a delicious and quick sandwich! I would remake it again on a warm summer day. The flavors all came out in a nice way, the sweetness of the shrimp and the tart quick pickled cucumbers created a wonderful contrast. I think that as an open faced sando it was better – or maybe there is the need to use thinner slices of bread because the ratio was a bit off. I would also toast the bread a touch longer for that crispness – all the items were pretty soft so it wasn’t the best texture. I would also go with minced shrimp instead of the halves to make it easier to eat. I think that the greenery was a great addition and I would go even further by using some micro greens mixed with a medley of herbs next time. Overall this was a big winner – it will maybe make an appearance as finger sandos at my next summer hangout. 


On slices of toast spread a little tartar sauce. Cover with small boiled shrimp and slices of cucumber that have marinated for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator in half a cup of tarragon wine vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar. Top with more slices of tartar-sauced toast.

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